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Busy Times

Hailey is well beyond infancy and Maya is the big sister as we we were very busy over the last week with lots of fun events. First there was the great Zenith Buffet for Mother's Day. We also spent a long day at the Children's Festival, watched Daddy run the marathon, and saw the spring puppet show at the Carnegie Library.

Maya was particularly pleased to get to ride the carousel four times at the festival and she had great words of advice for Daddy after his run: "I didn't want to see you stop."

Hailey is a champion coming right along all smiles no matter what the activity. She was particularly pleased to be served her own plate of bread and bananas at our CheeseCake Factory lunch.

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A Little Story

I want to apologize for not making more regular entries in your blog. Now that you are no longer taking a nap and Hailey is seven months old, I am very busy when I'm with you every Tuesday, Thursday and most Saturdays and I don't have the time or energy to write a report. Know that I am trying my best and will write as the situation presents itself and I am able.

One of your most favorite activities is to hear a Maya Story. I had a real hit the other day when I told you about the time when you were around two and you slept over and were so upset to be left in the port-a-crib that you somehow jumped out and began banging on the door.

Today I am writing a story about our day together. Enjoy, Love Bubbe

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Maya. She had a baby sister named Hailey. Their Bubbe took care of them while Mommy and Daddy were busy with their work.

Maya got up in the morning to find her Bubbe waiting for her downstairs. "Today is a gymkhana day." said Bubbe.

Maya had Cookie Monster blueberry waffles and apple cider and then watched her favorite kid's show, "Super Readers". This episode was about a baby sister who wouldn't stop crying. Bubbe and Maya couldn't wait to figure out how to get her to stop. From the Jack and the Beanstalk story they found out that the answer was music! Bubbe and Maya talked about how much they both like music and how Bubbe had a song she sang to Maya and now also to Hailey when she put each to sleep.

Maya wanted to take her play balls with her, so Bubbe and Maya piled two balls plus Hailey and the diaper bag in the car and went to gymkhana. There Maya couldn't wait to go in because there was a huge blown-up slide in the middle of the room and it looked like lots of fun. Afterwards, Maya said it was fun but a little scary!

Following gymkhana Maya had her usual treat of gummy bears on the way over to Aunt Izzy's house. Hailey noticed that Maya had a treat and wanted some and was very happy to have the paper from the gummy bears to play with.

At Aunt Izzy's, Maya, Bubbe and Izzy had a picnic of cheese and crackers, pear chunks, tuna melts, and chocolate covered matzah leftover from Passover. Hailey had her bottle and applesauce. Maya watched her favorite show that she only sees at Izzy's "The Mickey Mouse Club". This story was about camping which Maya is very excited to do someday with her Daddy and her friend Dahlia. After the TV show, Maya and Izzy played ball in the hallway and went to get Izzy's mail from the special box in the lobby.

Back home, Maya and Bubbe had a grand time cleaning out the toy boxes. This came about because in the morning Maya couldn't find her sunglasses and Bubbe suggested organizing everything so that things Maya wanted were easier to find. Maya particularly like sorting the letters, eggs and art supplies- which is one of her favorite activities any way.

Then Maya and Bubbe took all of the balls outside and played ball while Hailey took a nap. Maya enjoys being in the back yard and talking to her neighbors, John and Bill, who are always happy to be with her. John told her about the bunny he has seen in their yard and Maya and Bubbe tried to find the bunny but couldn't.

Maya and Bubbe prepared nachos for dinner. Maya loves to help in the kitchen and she prepared the beans and the chips, the corn and the cheese. While they stopped to feed Hailey her bottle, Bubbe told Maya the complete version of The Wizard of Oz Story which is still Maya's favorite along with Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.









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Growing Up

Within the blink of an eye, Hailey is now 6 months and sitting up. She is quite pleased to be sitting in the stroller watching all of the action around her.

She loves food and watches closely at each thing that goes to anyone's mouth- clearly hoping it will be offered to her. We gave her an apple slice to gnaw on while she was eating her applesauce which she throughly enjoyed.

Maya is the biggest sister concerned about everything for Hailey and for herself as well. We took her to her classroom for school pictures and it was nice to see her in her element at school with her best friend, Dahlia.




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