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No Juice No Video

Maya exhibited some questionable behavior last week and was forced to accept the punishment of no juice or no videos for some of my time with her. The restrictions made room for some different adventuresome activities. We had a great visit to the SouthSide Library. We created a fun picnic lunch at Aunt Izzy's house and she elected to drink a strawberry milkshake instead of the forbidden juice.

Each time we had to make a decision about something, Maya would ask,"Did Daddy say I could have this?" or "Send Daddy a message and ask him if I can have this." She was clearly concerned about being in compliance.

We also had a fun time watching Paul the man climbing utility poles to install new lines on Braddock Ave. Maya asked lots of questions about the project was very pleased with herself when Paul came to talk to her and she was able to ask him,"You are amazing! How do you do that?"

Animal Play1Animal Play1

Animal Play2Animal Play2

Library LionLibrary Lion

Picnic Lunch1Picnic Lunch1

Picnic Lunch2Picnic Lunch2

Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia is a character who takes everything very literally. Maya loves how she trims the ham with ribbon, dusts the furniture with baby powder and dresses the turkey in short pants. Last week we decided to re-create the one thing Amelia can do right- make an excellent pie. We used Trader Joe's pie crust, gala apples and cinnamon. Maya has always been a fan of cinnamon eager to pour some to lick out of her hand.

Hailey watched as Maya and Bubbe cut the apples and sprinkled the cinnamon. Maya became so enamored with the cinnamon that she decided to pour some directly from the can into her mouth. The can lid fell off and Maya was left with an impossibly LARGE amount of cinnamon in her mouth making her very sick.

Bubbe preformed quick action first aid-removing the cinnamon and helping Maya clear her palate by making her some matzah ball soup. After the soup Maya felt so much better that she even tried a piece of pie.

At the end of the day, Iz was having a conversation with Mommy and Daddy and said, "Let's drop it." Without skipping a beat, Maya with Amelia's understanding said,"Where will you drop it, Iz? on the street?"

Go SteelersGo Steelers

Crib PlayCrib Play

Play DoughPlay Dough


The PieThe Pie

All BetterAll Better

Daddy's Birthday

Tuesday we spent the afternoon at Gilda's Club or as Maya refers to it- the Red Place. Maya played with all the toys and spent time making a necklace in the crafts room

We had an exciting day on Thursday. There was Gymkhana in the morning, then lunch with Aunt Iz at the Subway followed by a really fun time playing with all of Hailey's toys in the crib and a walk to visit Jude and her cats.

Friday night was Daddy's 31st birthday dinner at La Feria.

Gilda BabyGilda Baby