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Hailey's Sister

Maya, Hailey and I are enjoying spending time together. Between gymkhana, visiting Izzy, Super Why, and Videos we are very busy.

Maya had a fun time this week cleaning with her spray bottle and a wash cloth. She went from her easel to her kitchen to all of the magnetic letters on the frig. She also got very interested in her Doctor kit when she overheard my conversation about a friend going to the hospital for minor surgery.

Hailey is awake most of the day now. She is happy to be in the mix of whatever we are doing. She has a couple of those cuddly fabric doudou animals and Maya and I are making sure she always has one near by to keep her happy.

We watched a new video this week- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which Maya followed closely and brought up lots of interesting questions.

Hailey BearHailey Bear




Hailey and DouDouHailey and DouDou




Birthday, Christmas and Vacation Week

Maya's Birthday was Saturday the 18th, a very successful event at My little OutBack.

Then Maya and family were off to Aston for Christmas.

When they returned it was vacation week where there was no school for Maya and Hailey while Mommy and Daddy had their regular schedules. This called for Super Bubbe and her support system to entertain the troops and that we did. Pizza parties all around, Chuckie Cheese, Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins Videos and lots and lots of play.




Feeding HaileyFeeding Hailey

Iz and HaileyIz and Hailey

Daddy and HaileyDaddy and Hailey




Off to the WizardOff to the Wizard

Pizza Party1Pizza Party1

Pizza Party2Pizza Party2

Pizza Party3Pizza Party3

Pizza Party4Pizza Party4

Time to Party

Maya, Hailey, Iz and I are now in full flower with our time together. Iz is feeling good with her treatments behind her; Maya is busy, busy, busy; Hailey is alert and engaged; I am being with all of the activities knowing this time will pass very very quickly.

We went to Red Robin for lunch after Gymkhana and when they found out Maya's birthday was in two days, they gave her an sundae and sang happy birthday. Afterwards she said,"Now I am three." She thought singing the birthday song to her meant she was finally three!

Hailey sittingHailey sitting

Fun at Iz'sFun at Iz's

Nap TimeNap Time

Red Robin1Red Robin1

Red Robin2Red Robin2