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Staying Home

This week Maya, Hailey and I stayed at home. Maya loves her pajama days. There is plenty to keep us occupied: organizing the friends in various situations, cooking, art projects, playing with Hailey, dancing and watching videos or Super Readers.

Thursday mornings we go to Gymkhana but Maya insisted this Thursday that she was not well enough to go. I tried several times to get her to change her mind before the class was to begin at 10:00. Around 10:30 she wanted a snack and asked if I had any "TinkerBells"? These are chewy fruit snacks that I keep in the back of my car and give her after gymkhana. I told her, "no gymkahana, no tinkerbells". She perked up and smiled, "I can go to gymkhana now." but it was too late. She had toast with butter for a snack instead!





Mommy and Daddy are very busy with their respective work commitments which gave Maya, Hailey, Iz and I to spend lots of quality time together this week.

Maya is gaining independence showing that she is ready to earn the title of a three year old. She loves to hold, hung and talk to Hailey. In return, Hailey is always interested in having Maya near her. They are bonding!

Hailey is getting a little tummy time- working on getting her head steady. With the help of its angle, she was able to turn onto her back on Maya's futon sofa.

Iz and HaileyIz and Hailey

Maya and Hailey1Maya and Hailey1

Maya and Hailey2Maya and Hailey2

Almost ThreeAlmost Three


Maya completed her session at gymkhana. After Thanksgiving she moves on to the big gym. It's always fun to go to the factory where this time we did some leaf kicking before class and enjoyed green and purple smoothies afterwards.

On Thursday we spent the day at home and enjoyed videos of The Wizard of Oz and Aunt Sasa as a little girl. Maya particularly liked Toto in the Wizard and mimicking her aunt's dancing.

Fall Leaves1Fall Leaves1

fall Leaves2fall Leaves2


Green SmoothiesGreen Smoothies