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Your First Run

It was the perfect day for your first "Run Around The Square". Mommy and Daddy did the longer 5K while Aunt Izzy, you and I did the 1.5 mile Fun Run. It was quite an experience with old, young and even dogs all entered and timed.

After our race we walked to the bottom of Frick Park to cheer for your parents at the end of their race. There were lots of treats: beer and hot dogs for the adults and a little cup of Rita's ice for you!

It happens that this is also the week of the Summer Olympics in China. Did you know that your Aunt Izzy went to China for Special Olympics last year? She is a great bowler and now she is working on track and field.

Love you,

1.5 Mile Start1.5 Mile Start

Mommy and DaddyMommy and Daddy

Run Around the SquareRun Around the Square

Hi MayaHi Maya


A Perfect FinishA Perfect Finish


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