Bubbe Report

Maya, Hailey and Bubbe

Dear Maya and Hailey,

We had a perfect weekend together. This was the first time I got to pick you up at school. It is really nice to see both of you so happy and active there.

On Saturday, we ventured all the way to the Detroit Zoo where we went on the carousel, fed the giraffe, and climbed all over the children's hay maze. In the evening, I gave you your bath and put you to bed. I had to find the Mary Poppins "Stay Awake" song on the computer to help you, Maya, fall asleep.

On Sunday, we found our way first to Barry's Bagels and then onto Erwin Farm. The farm was a treasure of activities. Maya, you did beautifully on your first pony ride and had a great time all on your own in the bounce house. Hailey, you loved climbing all over the bales of hay and walking around in the grass.

We went on a long wagon ride through the orchards and the pumpkin patch and finally found the perfect little pumpkin to take home.

This is the first visit I made all by myself. The drive up and back was easy and I'm happy to do it often.


Maya 1Maya 1

Maya 2Maya 2

Maya 3Maya 3



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