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My Favorite Maya Story

September, 2012. Maya,Hailey,Steve and Bubbe are in the car sitting outside the loft about to head up to visit Izzy. Steve decides he has to get ready for work the next day and opts out of the visit. Maya, Hailey and Bubbe head out.

Maya: Where does Steve work?
Bubbe: He talks to people that have problems. Say someone in your family died or you weren't getting along with your family. He would talk with you and help you with your feelings and suggest things you can do to feel better.
Maya: Let me give you an example to see if I understand.
Bubbe: Okay.
Maya: If my Mimi died I would be very upset and I could talk to him about that.
Bubbe: That's right.
Silence for about a minute.
Maya: Well, when I was at Dahlia's my daddy said I had to say goodbye to her because I wasn't going to see her again and that wasn't right. It made me sad.
Bubbe: Well, he didn't actually mean you wouldn't ever see her again- just for this time. He didn't say it right.

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